A Little About Sanne...

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Sanne Schmidtberg, Owner

Skin Detailz is the result of one very frustrated woman!

Raised in a conservative household of engineers, doctors and physicists, Sanne was advised to reserve all creative inklings for hobbies that could be enjoyed later, after she got a "real" job.  As such, her professional career focused on Marketing and then was further complimented by PMAC (Purchasing) accreditation. These efforts appeased the family but certainly didn't bespeak to Sanne's own inner voice, which over time, was starting to yell.

Initial hobby opportunities included costume design & construction, folk art painting, set design, and set painting. A close friend, who was a professional clown, approached Sanne to invite her to learn face painting for children, and thus the wheels were set in motion!

After several years of working with an entertainment agency, Sanne quickly chafed at the reins of someone else's vision and standards for this art form. With her extensive & multi-layered background, Sanne was eager to offer services in a manner that elevates the standards in which she could showcase her work. She also thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of learning the many nuances of body painting on adults.

As part of her commitment to her craft, Sanne regularly partakes in classes with world renowned artists and also maintains active membership with various industry groups. In order to provide the highest level of service, Sanne implements knowledge of new products, equipment, materials, techniques and hygiene procedures in all Skin Detailz activities. As a firm believer that numerous specialties only serve to heighten the quality of the final product, Sanne will selectively choose to collaborate with others, as required, to fulfill her concepts.

Sanne's goal for Skin Detailz is to provide memorable contributions to this unique art form.