Temporary Glitter Tattoos 

Skin Detailz is excited to be offering our new selection of waterproof, metallic temporary tattoos at Toronto PRIDE 2015. Come check us out and get your shine & glitter on! 

Skin Detailz loves the opportunity to express  creativity through the vibrancy of temporary glitter tattoos. We offer an extensive selection of generic and customized designs, thereby catering to all ages and genders.  We can stylize our tats to reflect the theme of any event including corporate logo branding.

Our standards mandate that only cosmetic grade  glitters and latex-free body adhesives are used in the application of these brilliant body embellishments. Glitters are available in over 30 dynamic colours thereby ensuring that each tat may be personalized according to individual preferences. 

"Glitter Tattoos really let us have some fun with new and creative ideas!" - Sanne

Glitter tattoos offer great value, lasting an average of 3-5 days with normal wear & care. We believe our temporary glitter tattoos offer our clients an imaginative and dermatologically safe opportunity to express their creativity with the input of our artists.  Our designs will compliment any occasion as they range from  child-friendly  to event- specific, customized tattoos. 

...and yes, they are waterproof. 

Feel free to check out our gallery below or contact us to book an appointment.